Downloads (game extracts)

here is a list of what has currently been extracted by various members of shenmuedojo with DDL links (most are in 3ds some may be fbx):


ryo passport


lan di

ren + textures


Yaunda zhu

secodary characters v1 (old man drinking tea, old women with bag, YH guard A, YH guard B)

dou niu, ren, wong, chunyang, baihu


shenmue 2

free stay lodge

rens hideout

guilin (mountain side next to the cave)

kowloon teahouse’s

shenmue 1: (note: due to the current extraction problems with shenmue 1 the maps are not fully in 3d but can be used as backgrounds)


suzume park


pack 1 (2 pedestrians, old man from freestay lodge, benches, beds, capsule machine, table)

Boat that brings ryo to hong kong


shenmue 1 textures

if you are experiencing any problems or wish to add anything to the list just leave a comment below and i will awnser as soon as possible


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